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Delegations are encouraged to submit written comments at least seven days prior to the scheduled meeting, in order for their written submission to be included in the published agenda.

Written submissions will be received up to 48 hours prior to the meeting. In this case, the comments will be distributed to the board and received at the scheduled meeting; however, they will not be published in the online agenda. Please send submissions to

Agenda & Report packages are posted as soon as they are available.
Minutes are published once approved by the Board of Directors at a subsequent meeting.
To view agendas, reports, and minutes from other meetings, please email with your request.


DateCommitteeAgenda & ReportsMinutesRecording
(if available)
February 22nd
(55th AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
March 13thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
March 28thFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
April 17thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
May 1stPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFYouTube
May 8thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
June 12th
(Watershed Tour)
Board of DirectorsN/AN/AN/A
June 22ndFinance & AdminPDFPDF
July 10thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
September 11thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
October 2ndFinance & Admin
October 16thBoard of Directors
December 11thBoard of Directors


DateCommitteeAgenda & ReportsMinutesRecording
(if available)
February 8thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
February 16th
(54th AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDFPDFN/A
February 17thPolicy & PlanningPDFDRAFT - PDFN/A
March 16thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
April 11thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
April 20thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
April 29thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
May 18thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
July 20thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
September 21stBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFPart 1/Part 2
October 11thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
October 19thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
November 21stFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
December 7thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube


DateCommitteeAgenda & ReportsMinutesRecording
(if available)
February 8thFinance & AdminPDFPDFPart 1 / Part 2
February 19th
(53rd AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
March 17thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
March 26thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
April 9thFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
April 21stBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
April 30thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
May 19thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
June 4thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
June 8thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
June 16thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
July 21stBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
September 9th SpecialBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
September 15thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
October 7th SpecialBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
October 12thFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
October 19thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
October 20thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
November 18thFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
November 25th Special MeetingFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
December 9thFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
December 16thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube


DateCommitteeAgenda & ReportsMinutesRecording
(if available)
January 16thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
February 7thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
February 19th
(52nd AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDFPDFN/A
April 3rdPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
April 15thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFN/A
May 20thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
June 17thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
August 28thBoard of DirectorsN/APDFN/A
September 9thFinance & AdminPDFPDFN/A
September 16thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
October 2ndPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
October 21stBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFYouTube
November 13thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDFN/A
November 20thFinance & AdminPDFPDFYouTube
December 2ndBoard of DirectorsPDFPDFPart 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4


DateCommitteeAgenda & ReportsMinutes
February 14thFinance & AdminPDFPDF
February 20th
(51st AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDFPDF
March 20thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
April 5thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDF
April 17thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
May 15thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
May 15thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDF
July 17thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
September 5thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDF
September 18thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
October 16thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF
October 16thPolicy & PlanningPDFPDF
November 15thFinance & AdminPDFPDF
December 4thBoard of DirectorsPDFPDF


February 21st
(50th AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDF
March 21stBoard of DirectorsPDF
April 18thBoard of DirectorsPDF
May 16thBoard of DirectorsPDF
July 18thBoard of DirectorsPDF
September 19thBoard of DirectorsPDF
October 17thBoard of DirectorsPDF
December 5thBoard of DirectorsPDF


February 15th
(49th AGM)
Board of DirectorsPDF
March 15thBoard of DirectorsPDF
April 19thBoard of DirectorsPDF
May 17thBoard of DirectorsPDF
July 19thBoard of DirectorsPDF
September 20thBoard of DirectorsPDF
October 18thBoard of DirectorsPDF
December 6thBoard of DirectorsPDF