COVID-19 Update:

MVCA’s offices are open to the public. The wearing of masks by employees and visitors in MVCA buildings is optional except where two meter physical distancing cannot be maintained.

Please note that the Planning & Regulations department is receiving a higher than normal volume of planning applications and is working as quickly as possible to respond to them all.

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Annual Reports

MVCA is pleased to provide highlights of its many accomplishments through its annual report. You can view them below:

Integrated Monitoring Reports

Watershed monitoring activities have a large impact on the way the watershed is managed, how landowners understand their region, and how MVCA can successfully continue to meet the needs of the natural environment with the needs of the community. 

Monitoring helps staff understand the impacts of land use activities (e.g. urbanization) on water quality so informed decisions about managing and protecting our water resources are made. Monitoring also helps staff measure the effectiveness of programs and policies that are designed to protect and restore water quality.

The Integrated Monitoring Report presents a snapshot of the monitoring that MVCA undertakes.

Past Monitoring Reports

Miscellaneous Reports

MVC Report Volume 1 - 1970
MVC Report Volume 2 - 1970
MVC Report History

Upcoming Meetings

The regular MVCA General Membership meeting schedule is being maintained; however, meetings will be held virtually.

Board of Directors Meeting

October 19, 2022

Board of Directors Meeting

December 7, 2022


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