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Water Safety Statement Terminated

Well below average spring flows could lead to lower than normal summer water levels throughout the watershed

April 6, 2021 — Water levels across the watershed have peaked and are on the decline. With very little precipitation in the forecast over the next couple of weeks, water levels could be significantly lower than normal leading into the summer months.

Sunny, breezy weather created ideal conditions for sublimation in March and the majority of the snow pack in the Mississippi watershed evaporated before melting, which produces runoff to refill the lakes. As a result, the reservoir lakes that are drawn down in the fall to store the spring runoff are significantly lower than normal at this time. The MVCA will continue to operate the dams with the objective of reaching target water levels by the end of May, but will require substantial rainfall for those targets to be reached.

Historically, a low spring flow peak can be followed by a second peak in late May or June if substantial rains occur. Residents should be aware that the MVCA is sealing dams to reach normal summer target levels and this could cause water levels to rise above any docks installed prior to reaching target levels. Boaters should also be aware that there may be additional hazards on the lakes due to the lower water levels. Parents are reminded to advise their children about the dangers of playing near open water. While flows are below normal, cold, fast moving water continues to present a hazard.

The MVCA’s Flood Forecasting and Warning program monitors weather conditions and snowpack, estimates high water conditions and issues watershed conditions messages.


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