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NOTICE:  OPG has issued the following notice regarding water levels on the Mississippi River between Crotch Lake and the High Falls Generating Station:  

Important water safety notice

Please be advised watershed users will experience lower than expected levels in the Mississippi River between Crotch Lake and downstream to the High Falls Generating Station. OPG is taking the necessary steps to safely increase water elevations at this time. Normal seasonal levels and flows are expected to return by Wednesday, May 31.

Watershed users are asked to use caution as elevations return to seasonal levels and as always, stay clear and stay safe.


Please contact OPG at for more information.

Low Water Response Program Status

NORMALWater levels are within acceptable parameters.
Level IFirst indication of potential water supply problems, primarily a warning level – key focus is conservation of water.
Level IIIndicates a potentially serious problem – conservation of water is extended to restrictions on non-essential uses.
Level IIIIndicates a failure of the water supply to meet demand – Key focus is on regulation & enforcement.