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There are eleven municipalities in MVCA’s jurisdiction and each is entitled to appoint at least one member to the Board of Directors.  The number of municipal appointees to the Board is based upon the population of the municipality within the watershed.  Municipalities may appoint elected and unelected members to the Board.

In addition, the province has appointed an independent Agricultural Representative to the Board.  There are 18 Board Members in total, as set out below.

Addington Highlands, Township ofHelen Yanch,
Beckwith TownshipRichard Kidd,
Carleton Place, Town ofJeff Atkinson,
Carleton Place, Town ofDena Comley,
Central Frontenac, Township ofCindy Kelsey,
Drummond/North Elmsley, Township ofPaul Kehoe,
Greater Madawaska, Township ofTaylor Popkie,
Lanark Highlands, Township ofAllison Vereyken,
Mississippi Mills, Municipality ofBev Holmes,
Mississippi Mills, Municipality ofMary Lou Souter,
North Frontenac, Township ofRoy Huetl,
Ottawa, City ofGlen Gower,
Ottawa, City ofCathy Curry,
Ottawa, City ofClarke Kelly,
Ottawa, City ofJohn Karau, citizen
Ottawa, City ofJanet Mason, citizen
Ottawa, City ofPhil Sweetnam, citizen
Tay Valley TownshipAndrew
Provincial Agricultural RepresentativeSteven

Executive Committee

The mandate of this committee is to:

  • Review and provide guidance regarding agenda.
  • Annual work planning and performance review of the General Manager. 
  • May approve the tender and award of WECI-funded contracts falling within budgets approved by the Board.
  • While in a state of Emergency Operations, may also carryout items B) 1. c) ii, iv, vi, and xv on behalf of the Board.  

Current members are the following:

  • Board Chair, Jeff Atkinson
  • Board Vice Chair, Janet Mason
  • Chair of the Finance & Administration Committee, Vacant
  • Chair of the Policy & Planning, Vacant

Finance & Administration (F&A)

The mandate of this committee is to consider and make recommendations to the Board regarding:

  • Annual budget, audit, and financial statements
  • Borrowing and reserve fund management
  • Wages, benefits, per diems, honorariums, and mileage rates
  • Fee setting and other cost recovery
  • Personnel matters
  • Organizational structure
  • Employee Manual policies
  • H&S Manual policies
  • Procurement policies

Current members are the following:

  • Committee Chair, Vacant
  • Committee Vice Chair, Phil Sweetnam
  • Paul Kehoe
  • Bill King
  • Jeff Atkinson, ex-officio
  • Janet Mason, ex-officio

Policy & Planning (P&P)

The mandate of this committee is to consider and make recommendations to the Board regarding:

  • Conservation Authority legislative and regulatory matters, and policies and plans thereunder that are not financial in nature.  This includes resource management, conservation and other matters falling under Sections 20 and 21 of the Act.
  • All Administrative By-law matters and policies and plans thereunder that are not addressed by the F&A Advisory Committee.

Current members are the following:

  • Committee Chair, Vacant
  • Committee Vice Chair, John Inglis
  • Glen Gower
  • Bev Holmes
  • Cindy Kelsey
  • Jeff Atkinson, ex-officio
  • Janet Mason, ex-officio


This Committee is an Administrative Tribunal within the definitions of the Statutory Powers Procedure Act.  Section 28(3) of the Conservation Authorities Act allows for a hearing before this Committee before an application is refused.  It is the purpose of the Regulations Committee to evaluate the information presented at the hearing by both Conservation Authority staff and the applicant and to decide whether the application will be approved or refused.

Current members are the following:

  • Paul Kehoe
  • Jeff Atkinson, ex-officio
  • Janet Mason, ex-officio


MVCA has two citizen advisory committees:

  • Mississippi River Watershed Plan Public Advisory Committee (PAC); and
  • Mill of Kintail Museum Advisory Committee (MAC)

Mississippi River Watershed Plan PAC

The role of the PAC is to:      

  • help gauge community interest in specific actions;
  • provide input to the annual prioritization of actions;
  • disseminate and collect information within their target sectors and communities to support project design and delivery;
  • support community uptake and project implementation by engaging with member municipalities and community partners; and
  • provide constructive feedback regarding implementation successes and challenges.

Current PAC members are the following:

  • John Karau, Board member liaison and Co-chair
  • Katie Surra, Co-chair
  • Doreen Donald
  • Ed Giffin
  • Ken Grant
  • Gord Harrison
  • Terry MacHardy

Mill of Kintail Museum Advisory Council

The purpose of the museum advisory committee is to advise the Authority on the protection, promotion and presentation of the Dr. R. Tait McKenzie Collection and James Naismith Collection, and help to facilitate the development of the Mill of Kintail site and programming.

Current MAC members are the following:

  • Bev Holmes, Board member liaison and Co-chair

This Committee was suspended post Bill 108 and has not convened since the pandemic.

Scheduled Meetings


55th Annual General Meeting

February 22, 2023

Board Meeting

March 15, 2023

Board Meeting

April 19, 2023

Board Meeting

May 17, 2023

Board Meeting & Watershed Tour

June 21, 2023

Board Meeting

July 19, 2023

Board Meeting

September 20, 2023

Board Meeting

October 18, 2023

Board Meeting

December 6, 2023

Agendas & Minutes

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