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Shabomeka Lake is located in the Township of North Frontenac. It has an elevation of 268 metres above sea level. The lake perimeter is 14 kilometres and the deepest point is 32 metres. Shabomeka Lake supports a cold water fishery, in particular; Lake Trout.

At last count in the late 1970’s, there were approximately 104 cottages on the lake. Much of this development took place in the early 1960’s.

The Shabomeka Lake Dam is the first major water control structure on the system and is located on the southwest shores of Shabomeka Lake.

Natural Resources

Lake trout have been documented spawning at several locations throughout Shabomeka Lake.  Based on field observation the potential spawning shoals are susceptible to the fall drawdown, and concerns have been raised regarding the survival of lake trout eggs over winter.

Spawning habitat rehabilitation was completed on two shoals on the south shore of the lake in 1988, to address the concerns regarding the timing of drawdown, and lake trout were observed utilizing one of the two rehabilitated sites in 1990.  Currently, the lake trout population in Shabomeka Lake is maintained through artificial stocking.  Spawning sites of other species have not been assessed. There are no known species at risk in this reach.

Land Use

There are approximately 99 residential buildings on Shabomeka Lake, with about 1/4 of them having boat-only access.  The Bon Echo Provincial Park and the proposed park addition are located along the northern and western shores of the lake.

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Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and its partner, the Mississippi Valley Lake Stewardship Network, are taking action through Watershed Watch, a program designed to protect and enhance the environmental health of lakes within the watershed. The monitoring results are posted as State of the Lake Reports. Each lake in the program is sampled every five years.

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