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Water resources and habitat health cannot be taken for granted. Our changing climate and increased settlement place continuous pressure on lakes and groundwater, shoreline habitats, and the ecologic processes that support our communities and the wildlife we cherish. When you contribute to the Mississippi Valley Conservation Foundation (MVCF) you are helping to ensure continued management and protection of natural resources in your community.

You can support environmental education and conservation with MVCF

The MVCF is a charitable organization whose mission is to raise funds and provide volunteer support for the conservation and education programs of the Conservation Authority. The Foundation is dedicated to conserving the lands, wildlife and water environments of the Mississippi Valley and to preserve places of outstanding natural and cultural significance.

Featured Project: Raise the Roof at the Mill of Kintail

The historic and picturesque museum located at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area needs a new roof.  Staff began to notice leaks this summer, and a company was hired to make repairs in the fall.  Numerous leaks were found and sealed; however, replacement of the entire roof is recommended given the condition of the cedar shakes.  The current roof was replaced in the early 2000s with financial support from visitors and area residents, and Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority is exploring roofing options that maintain the heritage look and feel of the building while providing a more durable and long-lasting solution.

The Mill of Kintail Museum houses the art and artifacts of R. Tait McKenzie and James Naismith, both former Lanark County residents of the early 20th century who came to fame for their commitment to medicine, physical education and the arts.  As many know, Naismith is the credited with inventing the sport of basketball and McKenzie is known for his sculptures that can be found in galleries world-wide.  The former grist mill and surrounding property were a favorite summer retreat of Tait McKenzie and are where the two physicians would visit and enjoy the sounds of the Indian River, which continues to bring joy to those visiting the conservation area today. 

MVCF's Mission

To raise funds and provide volunteer support for the conservation, education, and outreach programs of the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

MVCF Objectives

  • Conserving the healthy water environment and natural resources of the Mississippi and Carp River watersheds
  • Preserving places of natural, ecological, and cultural significance in the watershed
  • Engaging the general public and stakeholders in conservation education and awareness

Ways You Can Donate

The MVCF Charitable Registration number is: 892271560RR0001

There are EASY WAYS to donate:

  1. Send an e-transfer to
  2. Call (613-253-0006 ext. 224) or email Stacy Millard, MVCA Treasurer, to arrange for credit card payment or monthly bank transfers
  3. Mail a cheque made out to Mississippi Valley Conservation Foundation to: 10970 Highway 7, Carleton Place, ON., K7C 3P1
  4. Visit and search for Mississippi Valley Conservation Foundation to make a one time or monthly contribution

Donations of $10 or more will receive a charitable tax receipt.