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How Do We  Keep Your Watershed Healthy and Your Land Safe From Floods?

As the lead agency appointed to manage the Mississippi Valley watershed, MVCA aims to balance your needs with the needs of the environment to protect the things you love like safe drinking water, local ecosystems, your property, and a healthy economic framework based on recreational tourism.

Located in eastern Ontario, the Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority is responsible for both the Mississippi River watershed—3750 sq. km—and the Carp River watershed—700 sq. km—totaling an area of 4,450 sq. km.

Using an Integrated Watershed Management approach, all variables are considered by local experts before making responsible and defensible decisions on watershed planning and development permits. From how the water moves, to how people want to live on the water, to encouraging long-term health of water (and it’s various ecosystems), MVCA takes care of the watershed—mainly on tax levy funding that costs you less than $20 a year. Understand Ontario Regulation 153/06 and the MVCA Regulations Policies: MVCA’s watershed management principles.

3 Ways MVCA helps manage how water runs through your property so we can all enjoy the water more:

  1. Issuing waterfront development permits: Whether you want to build a boat shed or renovate your home, MVCA’s field experts and engineers help you fulfill your needs and balance the environment’s.
  2. Monitoring and forecasting water levels: MVCA monitors water levels across 11 municipalities to better prepare you and your family for spring floods and emergencies, like Hurricane Hazel.
  3. Helping protect your drinking water: MVCA works with Rideau Valley Conservation Authority to keep drinking water clean.


Plus, MVCA manages the Mississippi Valley’s 3 Conservation Areas. The wildlife and woodlands in the Mississippi Valley recreational areas offer vibrant outdoor classroom environments , events for large groups, and historically significant areas for everybody to enjoy.

Looking for services or resources not based on the movement of water through your property?

See this list of similar government organizations. You may also want to see the 36 Ontario Conservation Authorities if you don’t live in the MVCA jurisdiction.

Read our Mission and Vision Statements

Contact MVCA Staff

Planning & Regulations Contacts

Contact MVCA Municipal Representatives (Board of Directors)



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