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Mississippi River Canoe Route (Day 6)

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June 12, 2013: Kashwakamak Dam to Ardoch & River Rd E. of Mud Lake

Travel Time: 4 hours

Alex Broadbent (MVCA) had walked P.5. to P.6. and it was readily passable so, instead of my getting a ride all the way to “Kash” Dam, I put in at Ardoch and reversed course to restart at Log Jam Rapids. This is where I picked up the thread of my journey and turned back east.I walked through Log Jam Rapids (P.6: 500m South side and found waiting for me a beautiful huge old turtle. The entrance was easy but the downstream exit (my entrance) was very steep and demanding.

Farm Lake was calm and lovely with more lovely tranquil beauty The entrance to the next portage at Farm Lake Dam (P.7: 125m South side) is an easy put in but with a steep Rugged scrambling put In downstream. It posed a difficult descent and I had to carry and winch my kayak over ridges of sharp rock.Then it was through a beautiful heavily virgin tree and rock-lined section back to the bridge at Ardoch Rd., and down to the boat launch at River Road at the east end of Mud Lake.

Good camping possibilities are available all along this stretch.

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