Carp River

The Carp River is an important watercourse in Ottawa

Carp River (Ottawa)

The Carp River is located in the northwest portion of the City of Ottawa (in the former municipalities of West Carleton, Kanata, and Goulbourn).

The Carp River:

  • Is 42km long and drains an area of approximately 306 km²
  • Flows entirely within the City of Ottawa
  • Has its headwaters in the Glen Cairn area of Kanata just south of the Canadian Tire Centre
  • Flows north into the Ottawa River at Fitzroy Harbour
  • Is one source of the City of Ottawa’s drinking water

The Carp River Restoration Project has utterly transformed a four kilometre section of the Carp River near the Canadian Tire Centre in suburban Kanata. In addition to realigning the river channel and restoring adjacent wetlands, the project entailed planting thousands of native trees, shrubs, plants and grasses to support biodiversity and a welcoming habitat for wildlife. Plans are in the works to turn this site into a living classroom, complete with an informative and educational mobile app. Details:

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority has been working on a number of significant projects that will enhance the Carp River and its watershed, based on recommendations from the Carp River Watershed/Subwatershed Study December 2004 and involve community partners such as the Friends of the Carp River, the City of Ottawa, and local community members.


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