Carp River Watershed

MVC and the City of Ottawa are working together to protect, conserve, restore and maintain the health of the Carp river. Click to view a fact sheet about the Carp River and the Restoration Plan .

The City of Ottawa in partnership with Mississippi Valley Conservation has now completed a study of the Carp River watershed in response to growing development pressure in the Kanata area and the existing environmental condition of the river and associated natural resources.

A watershed, also known as a catchment or basin, is the land drained by a river and its tributaries. It is separated from adjacent watersheds by a land ridge or divide. Watershed planning is an integrated, ecosystem approach to land use planning using the boundaries of a watershed. It attempts to balance environmental protection, conservation and restoration with development and land use practices to ensure long-term ecological sustainability of the watershed and its significant natural resources.

High Water Levels July 24, 2009

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