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Unique Features

The Mississippi River watershed is home to incredible natural heritage features such as wetlands, areas of natural and scientific interest (ANSIs), woodland and natural heritage systems.

They include:


  • Burnt Lands Alvar: Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest (ANSIs) are sites containing natural landscapes or features MNRF ID's as having important values for natural heritage protection, scientific study or education. ANSIs are categorized as life or earth science.


  • Appleton, Goulbourn: Wetlands cover 489km or 13% of the total Mississippi River watershed area? Large wetlands are located around Mississippi Lake, and in parts of the lower watershed near Appleton.


  • Marble Lake: Stromatolites or stromatoliths are layered mounds, columns, and sheet-like sedimentary rocks that were originally formed by the growth of layer upon layer of cyanobacteria, a single-celled photosynthesizing microbe. Fossilized stromatolites provide records of ancient life on Earth. (Wikipedia)