Draft Flood Hazard Mapping for Harwood Creek

MVCA has now completed draft flood plain mapping for Harwood Creek in the City of Ottawa. The mapping identifies flood prone areas for the 1:100 year flood event.
The public is encouraged to attend the Open House and/or provide comments on the draft flood plain mapping completed for Harwood Creek.

The draft mapping is available here:

Harwood Floodplain Map 1
Harwood Floodplain Map 2
Harwood Floodplain Map 3
Harwood Floodplain Map 4
Harwood Floodplain Map 5
Harwood Floodplain Map 6
Harwood Floodplain Map 7


With funding from and in co-operation with the City of Ottawa, the MVCA has undertaking a program of producing and/or updating flood hazard mapping throughout the City of Ottawa. There was also financial assistance, for the completion of this flood plain mapping study, from the federal Government under the National Disaster Mitigation Program (NDMP).

For more information call John Price, Water Resources Engineer at 613-253-0006 ext. 258 or email jprice@mvc.on.ca

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