Water Management Plan

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, waterpower producers and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) completed a water management plan which establishes regulated water flows and levels for five waterpower facilities on the Mississippi River system.

Mississippi River Water Management Plan

During the preparation of the Mississippi River Water Management Plan much consideration was given to an integrated approach to maximize all uses of the river including waterpower, flood control, low flow augmentation, fish and wildlife, tourism and recreation.

A standing advisory committee will review and provide advice on the implementation of the water management plan. After ten years, the plan will go through a review process, which will include public consultation. 聽The Mississippi River Water Management Plan is a guideline for waterpower producers to manage water flows and levels. Dam owners are obliged to comply with the enforceable provisions of their plans. The Mississippi River Water Management plan strikes a balance among various environmental, social and economic objectives, and takes into account the uses and users that are affected by changes in water levels and flows. After a five year process which took into consideration input and advice from all stakeholders, the water management plan will ensure the operating regime of facilities works to meet water management objectives that are unique to the Mississippi River.


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