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K&P Bridge

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A five-tonne load limit has been imposed and other work carried out on the K&P Trail bridge over the Clyde River to keep it open this winter. Located roughly halfway between Folger and Clyde Forks, the bridge had new railings and speed limit signs installed through a partnership between owner Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) and the Snow Road Snowmobile Club (SRSC.)

A Fall 2020 study determined that the bridge deck and railings did not conform to current standards and should be replaced.  The remainder of the structure is generally considered to be in satisfactory condition. Until decking repairs occur, the bridge is “no-go” for vehicles weighing more than five tonnes.

A staff report submitted to the MVCA Board of Directors in December provided cost estimates ranging from $125,000 to $236,000.  The design and cost will be directly tied to how the bridge is used, which is why MVCA is seeking feedback from trail users on the future of the bridge, which affordability being an important factor.

MVCA hosted a virtual public information session on February 16 to engage with users of the K&P Trail. The purpose of the session was to discuss options and cost for replacing the decking. The design and cost will be directly tied to how the bridge is used, with affordability being an important factor.

Click here to view the recording.