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Kashwakamak Lake Dam Safety Review

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Located on the main channel of the Mississippi River, Kashwakamak Lake is located in the Township of North Frontenac. The Mississippi River enters the west end of the lake from the outlet of Georgia Lake at Whitefish Rapids and exits at the Kashwakamak Lake Dam at the east end of the lake to flow down the Mississippi River through Farm and Mud Lake to Crotch Lake.  

The Kashwakamak Lake Dam was built in 1910 and consists of two structures, the main control dam and a secondary saddle dam. These two structures are separated by an earth island, a distance of about 30 m. The main structure consists of two bulkhead walls, three concrete piers forming the two sluiceways, and a broad crested concrete weir.

Dam Operations

The dam is operated in conjunction with the other dams to provide flood control for the lake and downstream areas and maintaining water levels in Kashwakamak Lake for recreation and tourism. It is also operated to assist spawning of walleye and bass. The dam has undergone major repairs over the years to fix major structural and seepage issues. These repairs are now showing age and deterioration and major improvements are needed at this structure.

Next Steps

An updated Dam Safety Review is scheduled for 2021, with a Class EA planned for 2022-2023, design work in 2024 and the structure replaced by 2025.