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Shoreline Naturalization Program: Supports landowners by providing planting advice and recommendations to provide benefits of a healthy shoreline.  Shoreline naturalization has many benefits including; erosion protection, habitat and water quality enhancement.

Steps To Get Started:

  1. Contact MVCA: Discuss your shoreline and assess planting potential. 
  2. Site Visit: To assess the shoreline conditions and the landowner’s goals for the planting area. 
  3. Planting Plan: A custom plan will be developed including recommendations of native trees and shrubs based on the shoreline conditions and discussions of landowner preferences. See MVCA Plant List for species available through the program.
  4.  Delivery and Planting: Plants will be ordered for spring delivery and planting assistance. 

Land Management: Get free advice and information about planting appropriate trees and shrubs that will give your land greater natural protection.

For more information on MVCA stewardship programs, call or email our office.