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Carp Creek Environmental Assessment

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The Carp Creek Embankment Restoration project is located within Glen Cairn community between Terry Fox Drive and Eagleson Road. The project is undertaken in order to provide protection to the Carp Creek embankment which is currently unstable due to flooding and severe erosion occurring primarily along the southeast embankment. A Class Environmental Assessment (Class EA) was initially completed for the Carp Creek Embankment Restoration from September 2017 to December 2018.

A portion of the south embankment of Carp Creek is excessively eroding, resulting in a steep cut or "scarp" that will continue to erode adjacent public property if no action is taken.

Through the 2017/2018 Class EA process, it was determined that the Technically Preferred Alternative was to partially realign Carp Creek, install a live crib wall, and provide plantings and erosion protection to protect the toe of slope and other points along the creek. However, upon further consultation during the detail design phase, the City of Ottawa requested that an alternative design concept be considered. The new alternative, based on natural channel principles, is intended to provide more room for the creek’s natural functions and will reduce the amount of infrastructure requiring long-term maintenance.

In accordance with the guidance document for Conservation Ontario Class Environmental Assessment, an addendum should be undertaken should a “change in an environmental setting, or other unforeseen circumstances may necessitate a change to the proposed undertaking”. Therefore, MVCA and City of Ottawa have elected to prepare an addendum to the original Class EA to review the planning, provide an opportunity for interested parties (i.e. governing agencies, stakeholders and the public) to provide comment and ensure mitigation measures are still valid for the proposed additional alternative solution/design concept.

In November 2020, MVCA and City of Ottawa staff held a meeting with directly affected residents on-site to present the new alternative and receive their feedback. Shortly after this meeting, an addendum to the Class EA was prepared which describes the circumstances necessitating the change, the environmental implications of the change and what mitigation methods will be employed to mitigate the negative environmental effects of the change.

At this time, the study team invites interested parties to participate in the study addendum. The preliminary Project Plan Addendum Report and Carp Creek Information Boards are currently available for viewing. We respectfully request that you email your comments to Juraj Cunderlik, Director, Water Resources Engineering by February 11, 2021. The study team will review all comments and respond to any concerns or questions before the Class EA report is completed.

Following the comment period, a period of 15 days following the issuance of a Notice of Filing of Addendum shall be provided by the proponent to invite interested members of the public and agencies review of the addendum.