What activities require a permit?

Contact MVCA staff before starting any work

We can answer questions about permit requirements for work on regulated land. Do not start work until you have received an MVCA permit or you have confirmation that a permit is not required. MVCA staff will help you through the permit process for your specific project which may include a site visit . Knowing what you need beforehand and submitting a complete application limits delays in the process.

The following activities require a permit if they are located within MVCA regulated areas:

  • new construction, reconstruction, additions or alterations to existing buildings or structures;
  • site grading, including placing, dumping or removal of fill or other material;
  • straightening, changing or diverting or interfering with an existing channel of a river, creek, stream, watercourse or shoreline; or
  • changing or interfering with a Provincially Significant Wetland (PSW) *including lands within 120 m of聽 the wetland boundary.

What happens if you don’t contact the conservation authority?

If you don’t contact MVCA before you start your work, you may do something that is not permitted. This can lead to removal of the work and restoration of the land affected. You may also be fined.

Approval from the Conservation Authority does not replace building permits or any other permits issued through municipalities or other government agencies.

Who else do I need to contact?

You should also call the building department of your municipality. Other regulations or guidelines may apply to your project, If you are proposing to work in the water or close to shore you should also call your local office of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources.


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