Watershed Conditions 02.20.14

Watershed Conditions Statement: Water Safety — February 20, 2014

Significant rainfall forecast for the Mississippi Valley watershed is not expected to pose flooding or unstable ice concerns on the major Mississippi waterways this weekend. However, water ponding and increased flows may occur on smaller watercourses and in ditches. Colder temperatures forecast and the current snowpack depth should mitigate the thawing effects of the rainfall.

Fast flowing water and unstable shorelines are dangerous. Please remind your children about the dangers of hypothermia (severe drop in body temperature) and playing near cold, fast moving water in ditches and smaller creeks.


Snow pack in the Mississippi watershed is well above average for this time of year creating the potential for above average flooding as winter progresses and snow begins to melt.

MVCA recommends that those living near a watercourse:
• Inform themselves of the flood risks in their area
• Review their own plans for minimizing flood-related property damages and inconveniences
• Know your municipal flood emergency contact information

Conservation Authorities provide early warning of developing flood situations and monitor the event, to provide information about the expected severity and duration of the event to municipal and provincial emergency response personnel.

If you have questions or concerns about flooding and flood forecasting in the Mississippi Valley watershed contact Gord Mountenay, Water Management Supervisor, 613-253-0006 ext. 233 or gmountenay@mvc.on.ca.

Daily water levels and flows are available on the MVCA website.

If you would like to receive MVCA flood messages via e-mail, contact Allison Playfair at or read them online.