Water Control Structures

Water control structures currently owned and operated by MVCA include:

Shabomeka Lake Dam
Mazinaw Lake Dam
Kashwakamak Lake Dam
Big Gull Lake Dam
Mississagagon Lake Dam
Farm Lake Dam
Pine Lake Dam
Bennett Lake Dam
Widow Lake Dam
Lanark Dam
Carleton Place Dam

Water control structures owned by the Ministry of Natural Resources and operated by MVCA include:

Summit Lake Dam
Mosque Lake Weir
Palmerston Lake Dam
Canonto Lake Dam
Malcolm Lake Dam
Clayton Lake Dam

Water control structures owned by Evergreen Energy (formerly Ontario Hydro) and stoplog operations undertaken by MVCA include:

Crotch Lake Dam
High Falls Generating Station

Other generating stations on the Mississippi River which are run-of-the-river type structures (they generate power based on whatever flows exist in the river and do not have a substantial reservoir to augment those flows) and MVCA has no involvement with include:

Appleton Generating Station
Enerdu Generating Station
Almonte Generating Station
Galetta Generating Station

MVCA also owns and maintains additional flood and erosion control structures including:

Carp River Channelization Works
MacLarens Landing Slope Stabilization Works

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