Volunteers Wanted to Map Aquatic Plants

Media Release

MISSISSIPPI AND RIDEAU VALLEY LAKE COUNTRY, Wednesday, July 22, 2015 — Would you like to learn more about aquatic plant growth on your lake? Would you be willing to help gather the information? The People, Aquatic Plants and Healthy Lakes Project is looking for volunteers who would like to take part in mapping aquatic vegetation along their lake.
Using an echo sounder (modified fish finder) that can be hooked up to volunteers’ boats, participants will slowly drive or paddle along the shoreline allowing the echo sounder to make a map of the aquatic plants below the surface. Each volunteer will have one week to complete the monitoring before the unit is passed onto the next volunteer. Monitoring will take place in August and September.
The area of the lake where aquatic plants grow is very important for lake ecosystems and for human use. Mapping the aquatic plants each year in your lake will help researchers gain a better understanding of changes that are occurring over time to this area of important habitat. The information from each lake will be given to Dr. Vermaire at Carleton University who is examining the biomass of aquatic plants in Eastern Ontario inland lakes.
Training on the use of the echo sounder unit will take place on August 1, 2015 at the Rideau Ferry Yacht Club Conservation Area (Rideau Ferry, Ontario) from 9 to 11 am. If you or your lake association is interested in being a part of this project please contact Kaitlin Brady at kaitlin.brady@rvca.ca or 1-800-267-3504 ext. 1154 by July 30.
The People, Aquatic Plants and Healthy Lakes Project is funded by the Ontario Trillium Foundation and is run by a collaborative group of Friends of the Tay Watershed Association, Carleton University, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority and Rideau Valley Conservation Foundation.

— end —
For more information, contact:
Kaitlin Brady, Project Coordinator
Rideau Valley Conservation Authority
1-800-267-3504 ext. 1154

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