Upper Poole Creek Restoration Plan

Upper Poole Creek (UPC) is one of few cold or cool water streams in the City of Ottawa. The purpose of this plan will be to review the original objectives of the Upper Poole Creek Subwatershed Study (UPCSWS) which was completed in May 2000, and provide a work plan to meet the restoration objectives set forth in the UPCSWS. This restoration plan deals specifically with the area between West Ridge Drive and the pedestrian bridge located just downstream of Main Street in Stittsville.

Read the draft plan here.

Looking for volunteers!

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) plans to complete stewardship work for the Upper Poole Creek this summer. The work will be completed throughout the summer, and we welcome the help of volunteers for shoreline planting, invasive species removal and stream clean-up activities.




Shoreline Planting

Planting along areas of shoreline that are targeted for restoration.


Stream Clean Up

MVCA will be organizing stream garbage clean up along targeted areas of the creek.

July 20

Invasive Species Removal

MVCA will be organizing invasive species removal along targeted areas of the creek.

July 25

Fish habitat enhancement

A lunker structure (cedar box placed underwater to enhance habitat for fish) will be installed to provide a shaded refuge for fish.


Removal of blockages

The removal of fallen trees, large woody debris, garbage, and man-made obstructions (such as bridges) will help improve the flow of the water in the creek.



Email atenbult@mvc.on.ca if you’re interested in volunteering or would like to know more information.



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404 - ҲļĿ¼