Technical Report Reviews

MVCA  professional staff review  technical reports

Technical reports are routinely prepared by accredited professionals in the fields of water resources engineering, hydro-geological investigation, site servicing, geo-technical engineering, environmental assessments, ecology and planning. Such experts are familiar with professional standards and provincial and local requirements in such matters.

MVCA staff review services usually relate to the following areas of environmental management:

  • floodplain hydrology analysis
  • hydrogeology reports
  • terrain analysis/on site sewage disposal
  • storm water management reports (quality and quantity)
  • aquatic habitat analysis/fish habitat impacts
  • geo-technical reports (unstable soils and slopes)
  • wetland or other sensitive area Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) evaluation


Technical Report Reviews are typically undertaken in accordance with guidelines prepared in association with documents published by Provincial Ministries in support of policies contained in the Provincial Policy Statement.

Schedule C (Technical Report Review) Fees

Below are the fees effective January 1, 2019:

 Report  Review


Development Type Fees
Normal Review (20 business days)


–       Flood plain hydrology analysis

–       Geotechnical reports (unstable soils and slopes)

–       Wetland hydrology impact analysis

–       Environment impact studies

–       Stormwater management

–       Grading and drainage plan

–       Aquatic habitat assessment/fish habitat impact

–       Hydrological assessment

–       Groundwater and terrain analysis


Development area

< 0.5 hectares

Development area

0.5 hectares – < 2hectares

Development area

> 2 hectares – < 5 hectares

Development area

> than 5 hectares

Major Projects   Hourly
Aggregate Resources Act  Application Reviews (plus Schedule C fees applicable) $3685.00


  • Technical report review services are tracked per file on an hourly basis. Where reviews exceed the standard allocation review time, or require multiple submissions and re-reviews, MVCA reserves the right to charge an hourly professional rate in addition to the initial fee.
  • Major projects are those with a high level of concern about the local environment, complex ecological, ground water and surface water interactions and which may require MVCA staff attendance at multiple meetings with proponents, consultants or public meetings to satisfy regulatory requirements. Domain For Sale For Sale

Domain Customer service:
Service Time7*24hours





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