Watershed Stewardship is You Helping the Land

It is the responsible care of our natural resources and wildlife on a watershed basis — is essential to balancing human and economic needs against the needs of our natural environment. We all need a vibrant environment in order to ensure that we have plenty of clean water and a healthy ecosystem. As caretakers of our environment, we need to continue to devise approaches to plan, promote and implement stewardship practices that protect and restore natural resources.

One way MVCA helps you be a good land steward is through our free shoreline planting program. Conservation Authorities have a long history of working with landowners in the planning and delivery of watershed stewardship initiatives. We are continually working to:

Rural Water Quality Programs and Services

Water is a precious resource. The success of your business, and the health of your family depend on a clean and abundant water supply. Water is also a shared resource that everyone must help safeguard.

Our Rural Clean Water Program provides technical assistance and financial incentives to improve and protect water quality on your property and/or farm.

Ontario Drinking Water Stewardship Program money is available to help landowners meet requirements of the regional source protection plans for projects like:

  • Well decommissioning
  • Septic system decommissioning and upgrading
  • Runoff and erosion control measures
  • Pollution prevention reviews for small businesses

For details about your eligibility, grant rates and technical assistance contact our Advisory Services Coordinator at 613-253-0006.