Watershed Stewardship

Stewardship: The act of caring for the land to the best of one’s ability and to maintain it in a healthy state for today and for future generations.

MVCA’s role in stewardship is to promote, protect and restore environmentally significant natural areas and watercourses (creeks, streams) in order to improve habitat and water quality. It is essential to promote a culture of environmental stewardship with private landowners and municipal partners.

MVCA has a coordinated approach to stream restoration and stewardship projects using information from the following programs:

City Stream Watch – The goal of the City Stream Watch program is to obtain, record and manage valuable information on the physical and biological characteristics of creeks and streams in the City of Ottawa.

Monitoring – Accumulate reliable environmental data, both historic and current, and determine limits of which lakes can process nutrient input.

Shoreline Naturalization – Gives landowners the information, planting tools and manual labour to protect and restore their property’s natural ecosystems.

Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program – The goal of the Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) is to improve surface water and groundwater quality by encouraging and assisting rural landowners to complete projects and practices that reduce “non-point source” pollution.

Land Management – Get free advice and information about planting appropriate trees and shrubs that will give your land greater natural protection against forces like wind and rain.

Source Water Protection – “Source water” refers to the lakes, rivers and aquifers from which we get the water we drink and use.

MVCA continually works with landowners to:

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