Spring Water Awareness

Spring Water AwarenessEach year the welcoming signs of the return of spring bring some unwelcome dangers. Longer daylight hours and the heat of the sun raise the temperature and start the spring run-off (freshet). It is during the spring that lakes and rivers are at their most dangerous and unpredictable.

Water has an almost irresistible attraction for children but spring water is very dangerous. Never leave young children unsupervised while they are playing outdoors, especially if you live near a waterway, including lake and river shorelines, culverts, ditches and dams.

Education is the best tool to prevent tragic incidents from occurring due to dangerous water conditions. Since 1987, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) has been offering a Spring Water Awareness Program to elementary school children within the watershed.

The message of the program is one of care and caution. Through discussion and demonstrations, the children are taught to stay away from all waterways, culverts, dams and stream banks, particularly during the spring freshet.

Spring Water Awareness Programs are provided free of charge to our watershed schools in part through generous financial support of Ontario Power Generation. Program offered February and March every year.

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