Carp River Shoreline Restoration

Shoreline restoration along the Carp River

In the fall of 2013 and the spring of 2014, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority completed two shoreline restoration projects in the area just downstream of the Village of Carp in partnership with the City of Ottawa, the Friends of the Carp River (FCR), and shoreline landowners with funding from the Department of Fisheries and Oceans (DFO).

Three blockages across two sites that were identified in a survey of the river in 2012 were removed on December 5, 2013. Blockages in the river are being removed as they can cause high flow velocities making it difficult for fish to migrate upstream to spring breeding grounds. Improving fish migration and reducing potential negative impacts on fish habitat due to shoreline erosion prompted the support of DFO for this project.  Additionally the structures can also cause ice jams creating flooding and erosion problems as the water creates a new path downstream.

MVCA staff were on hand with Crain’s Construction to successfully remove four “I” beams from behind the Diefenbunker and an abandoned metal bridge structure and tree jam from private land, with the owner’s permission. In the spring of 2014 about 150 m of shoreline was planted with local native trees and shrubs to help restore the banks from previous cattle access and the disturbances caused by  the bridge structure removal. This will improve the riparian (shoreline) habitat and protect the shoreline against erosion at both sites.

Other areas identified in our surveys of the Carp River shoreline will be addressed in the coming years and monitoring efforts in the Carp River watershed will be increased through the City Stream Watch Program.

This restoration is just one of the projects that MVCA and the FCR plan to complete over the next few years along the Carp River and its tributaries. If you are a shoreline resident and interested in participating in these stewardship activities, MVCA staff can help get you started. These projects are important to the quality of the water and habitat in the Carp River watershed which can benefit all water users. Funding is available to provide advice, materials, and labour for your shoreline project.

If you have any questions about the stewardship efforts or want more information about private landowner projects, contact Kelly Stiles at the MVCA office 613.253.0006 or

  • See barriers underwater
  • Eroded metal river crossings
  • Crain's Construction removes old crossing debris.
  • MVCA is there
  • It's tricky work to reach the blockages.
  • This is work for professionals.
  • More debris to will love this
See barriers underwater1 Eroded metal river crossings2 Crain's Construction removes old crossing debris.3 MVCA is there4 It's tricky work to reach the blockages.5 This is work for professionals.6 More debris to will love this7
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UPDATE Completion of Tree Planting on Blockage Removal site

The final phase of the blockage removal project funded by Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) was the planting of shoreline vegetation to stabilize the soil and prevent further erosion of the shoreline. On May 22 and 23 2014, staff and volunteers planted 104 locally grown native trees and shrubs along the shore of the Carp River. As the newly planted vegetation thickens and spreads, the shoreline will be able to resist erosion while providing shade to the river as well as being a source of food and habitat for birds and animals that utilize the riparian zone.

The total project included physical barrier removal, trees and shrub planting and the installation of an educational sign at the Deifenbunker parking lot.

  • BEFORE Blockage Removal
  • AFTER Blockage gone
  • Tree Planters complete the project
  • 104 trees planted in this section
  • Many hands makes light work...done!
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