Shoreline Policies – Draft Changes

Please find the attachments related to draft policy changes.  Proposed revisions to the MVCA Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Policies were presented to the MVCA Policy and Priorities Advisory Committee on May 15, 2019. Staff expect to receive a large number of shoreline applications due to the recent flooding. The shoreline policies require updating in order to ensure consistency and efficiency in the review of shoreline applications and provide clarity to landowners on process and acceptable methods of shoreline protection.

After the 2017 flood event, MVCA received over 90 shoreline applications related to flood damage in the Constance Bay area. It is anticipated that this number will increase given that the entire watershed was subject to the most recent flood event. In a typical year, MVCA receives approximately 20 – 30  applications for shoreline alteration.

 The existing policies do not  recognize different options and  methods of erosion and shoreline protection. The proposed shoreline policies provide more detailed explanation on alternatives and reflect current standards and practices. This will provide consistency and allow for faster processing times.

Regulation Policies

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