Shoreline Planting Program

Free shoreline planting program benefits you and your water

MVCA offers a free shoreline planting service to waterfront property owners.

Why? …because a naturally vegetated shoreline area is one of the most effective ways to maintain the quality of the water and to protect your shoreline from erosion. MVCA staff frequently meet people interested in creating a more natural shoreline area on their property but many are discouraged because they don’t have the time or ability to plant. Cost, planning, and access to native plants is also an issue. We’re making shoreline stewardship easier by providing plans, labour, and materials, for free.

Naturalizing your shoreline doesn’t mean you lose your view or shore access. The individualized planting plans are designed to maintain open areas and let you enjoy your property with the benefits naturalization can bring to your site.

The program is offered on a first come first served basis at no cost to the property owner. We’ll meet with you on your property to determine the best options best for your property and your needs, including the types of shrubs or trees and where to plant them. We assure you that when we visit your site we will focus only on your shoreline naturalization. For more information email Kelly Stiles at

The Shoreline Planting Program is part of the integrated approach to watershed management. By supporting a combination of large scale initiatives and community and individual projects MVCA works together with watershed stakeholders to manage and protect the health of the Mississippi Valley watershed. 

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