Rural Clean Water Program

rcwpMVCA manages a Rural Clean Water Grants Program for watershed landowners within the City of Ottawa. Contact to find out if you are eligible for this program.

The goal of the Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program (ORCWP) is to improve surface water and groundwater quality by encouraging and assisting rural landowners to complete projects and practices that reduce “non-point source” pollution. This type of pollution results from uncontrolled sources, such as soil erosion from cropland; manure pile runoff and leaching; fuel, chemical and fertilizer spills; and improperly constructed or abandoned water wells. If not properly managed, these sources of pollution add sediment, nutrients, bacteria and chemicals to the City’s waterways and groundwater resources. The ORCWP offers cost-share grants and educational initiatives to promote best management practices.  The Ottawa Rural Clean Water Program is delivered in partnership with the local Conservation Authorities (CAs) of Ottawa (Mississippi Valley Conservation, Rideau Valley Conservation Authority, and South Nation Conservation) to offer more localized landowner service and more consistent delivery of landowner grant programs. Landowners will be served by the Conservation Authority in which they reside.

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