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Shoreline Policies
Proposed revisions to the MVCA Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses Policies were presented to the MVCA Policy and Priorities Advisory Committee on May 15, 2019. Staff expect to receive a large number of shoreline applications due to the recent flooding. The shoreline policies require updating in order to ensure consistency and efficiency in the review of shoreline applications and provide clarity to landowners on process and acceptable methods of shoreline protection.

The proposed changes will be presented  to the MVCA Board of Directors on July 17, 2019.  Click here to read the proposed changes.

Permit fees for shoreline alteration and rebuilding for property owners across the watershed affected by the 2019 flood event have been reduced by 50%. The fee reduction will remain in place until October 31, 2020.

For additional fee information, click here.

MVCA Staff Contacts – Planning

Shoreline Permit Application Framework

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Permit Process:

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