Carp Creek Embankment Restoration Class EA Project

Update: A Class Environmental Assessment (EA) was completed for the Carp Creek Embankment Restoration in 2018. During the EA process, it was determined that the Technically Preferred Alternative (TPA) was to partially realign Carp Creek and install a live crib wall, as well as provide plantings and rip rap strategically placed to protect toe of slope and transition points along the creek. In 2019, an alternative conceptual design was prepared to assess the benefits of cutting back the eroded embankment within the study area in efforts to provide a more natural design channel and more floodplain storage. The City of Ottawa and MVCA are currently proceeding with the Class EA Addendum to determine if the alternative conceptual design is the new TPA. A Public Information Center will be scheduled to inform interested parties of the Class EA Addendum and to provide them with an opportunity to comment, ask questions, and/or express concerns pertaining to the project.

More information is available below.

Project Plan Report(Please note this is a large file)

Study Area Map

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