Poole Creek Regulatory Mapping

Poole Creek Regulatory Flood Plain Mapping Study and Flood  Risk  Mapping:

In 2012, the MVCA, RVCA, and SNC, in co-operation with the City of Ottawa, developed a 5 year plan to update flood plain mapping within the City of Ottawa and produce new flood plain mapping where it currently does not exist.The priority watercourses for the study were ranked based on the presence and intensity of existing and predicted future development. Poole Creek, within the MVCA jurisdiction, was determined as a priority watercourse for updating Regulatory flood plain mapping due to the high density of development and the age of the existing mapping. MVCA has completed the necessary hydrological and hydraulic analyses to delineate the Regulatory (1:100 year) flood line and produce flood risk mapping.

To get a copy of the Poole Creek Regulatory Flood Plain Mapping Study contact the Director of Water Resource Engineering, John Price

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Poole Floodplain Map 1

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Poole Floodplain Maps 1-6 (16 meg)