Planning Advisory Program

Here to help  municipalities with long  term planning and development review

The Planning Act, the Provincial Policy Statement, and associated regulations, determine the planning process in Ontario. These documents outline the environmental and resource management responsibilities of all conservation authorities.

The Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) planning advisory program reflects the two principle approaches to Ontario’s planning process:

  • long range planning
  • development review


At the municipal level Official Plans and Zoning By-laws are reviewed to ensure natural hazards—such as flooding and erosion—and natural heritage issues—such as wetlands, wildlife habitat and fish habitat—are considered.

The short term/development review component of the planning program is the review of development proposals advising decision makers of conflicts and implications with regard to the conservation authority objectives and conforming to matters of Provincial interest. Short term planning includes:

  • the review of site specific Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments
  • minor variances
  • lot creation applications
  • site plans


Due to the conflict between severe funding cuts and the responsibility of implementing provincial policy, MVCA is obligated to charge a fee to proponents for the review of their development proposals. The fees are based on natural hazard, natural heritage, water quality and quantity matters and onsite service reviews (when required).

Below are the fees effective January 1, 2019:

Schedule A (Planning) Fees

Official Plan Amendments (OPA)
  • Minor—$735.00
  • Major—$3685.00 (private applications associated with urban expansion and/or major development application)

Zoning By-Law Amendments


Minor Variance Applications


Site Plan-Single Residential


Site Plan
  • Minor (Small commercial, less than 0.8 ha, additions up to 200 square metres)—$995.00
  • Major (Multiple Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Institutional)—$2495.00
Consent to Sever (per application)


Clearance of Conditions (Severance or Variance)


Plan of Subdivision/Condominium

—$3685.00 (to provision of Conditions of Draft Approval)

Clearance of Conditions for Subdivision Registration

—$1850.00 (per phase)

Draft Plan Approval Revisions

—$1850.00 (alterations to site/plan layout)

Draft Plan Extensions

—$3685.00 (original conditions about to lapse)

*Reactivation (all application types) – 50% reactivation fees based on the current schedule after two years of dormancy.

*A screening fee of $110.00 will be charged for written responses to address minor issues.

*Fees are associated with Municipal Memorandums of Understanding and the Provincial One Window review service for natural hazards, natural heritage, water quality and quantity issues.

*All fees are exclusive of the Technical Review Fees (see Schedule C) which are charged on a per issue basis in addition to fees outlined in Schedule A.

*All fees must be received PRIOR to the release of written comments to an approval authority.

*The CA reserves the right to charge additional fees in the event that the review requires a substantially greater level of effort that the norm, such as additional site visits OR where additional processing is required past the initial submission period. Domain For Sale QQ Email: Tel: WeChat Թ

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