Mill of Kintail

IMPORTANT NOTICE: The Museum and washroom facilities will open Saturday, June 20. Museum hours are 10am – 3pm. Summer hours will be Friday to Monday, 10am – 3pm. Face masks must be worn by visitors. Featured Artist – Nadine Cheney Nadine has loved creating since she was old enough to wrap her hands around a fistful of crayons. Oils, acrylic, pastels, watercolour, mixed media – they all hold a particular fascination in that each behaves differently and can provide endless surprises. There is no boredom in art! What is on display here at the Mill of Kintail is a bit of a mixed bag, of sorts, as Nadine prefers to explore wherever her mind goes, and not be confined to any particular genre or series. “My hope is that you find a piece that makes you stop and think, if only for a moment. Even if you’re not quite sure what it is that’s creating that response, art has achieved its purpose.” Her work can also be viewed on her Instagram page. Are You Taking Advantage Of The Historic Mill of Kintail? Get your blood flowing by exploring the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area’s extensive trail system.  Call (613) 256-3610 to ask how you can host your own group activities in the sunny outdoors, or use the site for other learning and recreational activities. Mill of Kintail Strategic Plan 2019 The purpose of the strategic plan is to set out the vision, mandate, and five-year goals and objectives for the museum, its collections, programs and facilities and the operating and capital investment needed to enable continued delivery of quality programming. Read the plan here. Find Art Inspiration Visit the R. Tait McKenzie Museum to see famous Canadian artworks from the 1930s, and 1832 architecture. Draw inspiration from the natural scenery just like A.Y. Jackson once did in this spot. Create Learning Opportunities From the inventor of basketball’s museum (James Naismith) to the Indian River’s plant and animal life, students complete sections of the Ontario school curriculum out of doors at the Mill of Kintail Conservation Area. Kids, aged 6-11, can attend a local watershed Summer Camp for hands-on learning and environmental leadership. Rent Large Group Facilities Have your wedding at the historic Cloister-On-The-Hill, and take your photos against a backdrop of bright flowers, lush trees and the 1830 Nepean sandstone grist mill. With space for conferences, you’ll escape to one of the best sites in Ontario.