Paddling the Mississippi 05.27.13

May 27 , 2013, West Dalhousie Lake to Sheridan Rapids Bridge (Day 3, 2hrs)

The put in was easy at the west head of Dalhousie Lake (just had to follow my dried blood stains). There are many cottages scattered for the most part along the south side while on the north they were clustered at the east end.

One had the feeling of being able to step into the wilderness on the north or to find a Tim Horton’s not too far from the south shore.

It was a lovely paddle down to Sheridan Rapid’s Bridge. To my great liking there were a goodly number of water fowl, loons, hawks, song birds, Great Heron, a couple of Mallards and Pintails.

Aerial View Dalhousie Lake to Sheridan's Rapids

Aerial view Dalhousie Lake to Sheridan Rapids

Paddling Dalhousie Lake

Paddling Dalhousie Lake


West Dalhousie Lake to Sheridan's Rapids Bridge Route


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