Paddling the Mississippi 05.20.13

May 20, 2013 Bridge on Hwy #511 to Innisville on Highway #7 (Day 1, 2 hrs)

Mal’s Campground slipped past on the north shore with me manoeuvring through the nicely rounded rocks just below the surface. One would have to line or portage later in the summer. Parts of this stretch were really lovely and parts a bit more rugged. I ran the rapids at Ferguson’s Falls (I lined 20 meters), the same facts as above apply in summer, “lining 80 m above and 200 ms below the bridge. A portage would be equally long and through the town and over the highway.

Realizing I was getting close to the end I decided to have one more break just to soak in as much of this pristine near wilderness, just a few kilometers north of Hwy 7.

At Innisville, I pulled out at (P.22: 425m West side) midst cottages and just before the start of the rills (which it would have been impossible to run). Liz picked me up. That was it for the Mississippi and I enjoyed every single moment of it.

  • Near pristine wilderness just minutes from Highway 7
  • Paddling past Mal's campground
  • Some rugged terrain along this stretch
Near pristine wilderness just minutes from Highway 71 Paddling past Mal's campground2 Some rugged terrain along this stretch3
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Highway 511 to Innisville Route



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