Ottawa Updated Flood Risk Maps

Ottawa  Flood  Plain  Mapping  Project

Conservation Authorities are responsible for floodplain management. Identifying lands that are vulnerable to flooding is an important responsibility for Ontario’s Conservation Authorities as delegated by the Ministry of Natural Resources. Accurate engineered flood plain mapping is the foundation of effective flood plain management. In eastern Ontario, the 1:100 year flood plain is the regulatory standard calculated as having a 1% chance of occurring in any given year. Conservation Authorities use the mapping in the administration of regulations made under the Conservation Authorities Act.

These flood plain management responsibilities include:


In 2012, a partnership was established with the City of Ottawa and the three Conservation Authorities (CAs) within their jurisdiction to update and/or complete flood plain mapping in those areas where there are known deficiencies in the mapping.  The CAs together defined the priority subwatersheds based on the development pressures in the various watersheds and the quality of the existing mapping.  Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority (MVCA) has undertaken the hydrological and hydraulic studies required to generate the flood risk mapping, and has completed the other works required to update the Regulation Mapping for the Ottawa River from the outlet of the Mississippi River at Morris Island to Shirley’s Bay.

To get a copy of the Ottawa River Regulatory Flood Plain Mapping Study From the Mississippi River to Watts Creek – Feb 2015  contact the Director of Water Resource Engineering, John Price


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