November Astronomy Webcast

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November 1st 2013 marked the implementation of the streaming webcast of the Observer’s Group Meeting of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada (RASC), Ottawa Centre, which is held the first Friday of every month.

I had the opportunity to catch the webcast live, (rather than burning fuel to get to the Museum of Science and Tech), and it was a very warm welcome for 89 remote viewers. The members are a very active bunch that share their passion and love for the Night Sky in images, reports and thoughtful lectures. This month, we were treated to:

  • Observational reports and images ranging from the image of a flight of geese getting ready to ‘occult’ our moon , to star-forming regions in the distant pinwheel galaxy M33 in the constellation Triangulum.
  • A discourse on the Moon’s hidden gravitational anomalies – discovered by the GRAIL spacecraft(s).

You can see for yourself by visiting here: RASC Ottawa Live!


Note: This webcast was made possible by Eric Kajula; many thanks to Eric for this astronomical public outreach initiative!

The Ottawa Centre was officially formed in 1906 and currently has 350 members. Centre facilities include the Fred P. Lossing Observatory at our Mill of Kintail Night Sky Conservation Area.


For more information on the Centre activities, visit RASC Ottawa Centre website

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