MVCA provides permits, planning, and technical review services

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority administers several programs with respect to development review within the watershed for which a fee is charged.

1) Section 28 Regulation

2) Planning Advisory Program

3) Technical Report Review

As a result of reduced Provincial support to MVCA for the planning advisory and regulations programs, in 1997 it became necessary to charge a fee for processing regulations permits and for commenting on privately initiated applications under the Planning Act.  These fees are paid by the applicant.  The fee structure was established based primarily on the level of effort (time) required to complete review and an evaluation of daily costs to support professional staff.

The following fee schedules apply. Please contact the MVCA office  (613.253.0006) if you have questions regarding fees. Click on the following titles to see the fees.

1) Schedule A (Planning Fees)

Schedule A contains the fees charged for the review of planning applications.

2) Schedule B (Permit Fees)

Schedule B shows the fees that charged for the review of application under Ontario Regulation 153/06 (Development, Interference with Wetlands and Alterations to Shorelines and Watercourses).

3) Schedule C (Technical Report Review)

Schedule C shows the fees that are charged for the review of technical reports that may be submitted in support of planning applications or permit applications. Domain For Sale For Sale

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