Interactive Maps

Regulation Map

Is your property regulated? Find out if your property is located within an area regulated by Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority.

​Property Regulation Map

 Unevaluated Wetland Screening Map

Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority is working towards regulating and protecting wetlands in the watershed that meet various criteria. In 2006, Conservation Authority regulations were changed to include the regulation of development and interference within all wetlands within a CA’s jurisdiction.  This is potentially being extended to other wetlands that are not provincially significant.

Unevaluated Wetland Screening Map

Drought Reporting Map

The Conservation Authorities are trying to quantify the severity of the current drought and which areas are showing the highest vulnerabilities. We are not looking to obtain specific property data but rather a general sub watershed characterization. If you are or have experienced a dry well or issues regarding your drinking water, please click on icon and mark your general location on the map.

Drought Reporting Map

Flood Plain Maps

Feedmill Creek

Constance Creek

Huntley Creek

Poole Creek

Ottawa River

Mississippi Lake