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Septic Inspection

Protecting your  water with Septic Inspections and Re-inspections

A properly functioning sewage system is an integral part of a healthy shoreline environment. Improperly maintained systems can be a significant contributor  to nutrient and bacteriological contamination into an adjacent water body. The Mississippi Rideau Septic Systems Office (MRSSO) provides inspection and re-inspection services for municipalities within the MVCA watershed. Currently the MRSSO conducts inspections for new and replacement systems in Tay Valley and re-inspections in  North Frontenac, Tay Valley and Central Frontenac (Sharbot Lake) on waterfront properties. New for 2014 the Central Frontenac program now includes the village of Sharbot lake. The goal of the program is to provide professional septic inspection services to the municipality’s to ensure proper system function and educate landowners on preventative maintenance to avoid costly malfunctions and potential contamination. Participation in the programs depends on area: North and Central Frontenac currently have voluntary programs, while Tay Valley has a mixed program with voluntary and mandatory re-inspections.  Properties identified for participation in the program are limited to designated areas and have sewage systems that are 10 years old and  older. When a property is selected for participation  a Property Owners Package is sent to the owner, notifying them of the selection and steps to participate. While this program may not directly affect you or your property it is important to know the measures that your municipality and the conservation authorities are taking to help ensure the health of our lakes rivers and groundwater supplies.

The MRSSO is a partnership between the Rideau Valley and Mississippi Valley Conservation Authorities and is responsible for the enforcement of the Ontario Building Codes minimum requirements as they pertain to the installation of on-site sewage systems in Tay Valley Township. The septic office also administers septic re-inspection programs in five municipalities – Tay Valley, North and Central Frontenac, Rideau Lakes and Drummond North Elmsley, which includes a mandatory program in Tay Valley.

The MRSSO offers this service on a cost recovery basis to the municipalities providing them certified inspectors managed by a water resource engineer who work with landowners from the initial contact through to any changes that need to be made. Knowledgeable staff are available to talk about proper septic system maintenance and function and help you understand products and systems available that work best for your property. The MRSSO is also involved with the Ontario Rural Wastewater Centre (ORWC) as instructors. The ORWC provides training, demonstration and applied research in the area of on-site wastewater treatment. Check out the Septic Smart booklet to learn more about septic systems.

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