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2016 Healthy Hikes | FAQ

  1. What is Healthy Hikes?
    Healthy Hikes is an annual health and wellness initiative of Conservation Ontario and Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities. Each year, Ontarians are encouraged to boost their health by stepping into nature at any of Ontario’s nearly 300 Conservation Areas from May to October.
  2. How can I participate?
    You can participate in Healthy Hikes by stepping into nature in three easy steps: 
  3. Visit a Conservation Area
    Snap a fun selfie or nature image
    Share it on social media using the hashtags #HealthyHikes & #StepIntoNature 
  4. Can anyone participate in Healthy Hikes?
    Yes. We encourage everyone to participate in Healthy Hikes! It’s a great way to get outdoors, spend time alone or with friends/loved ones and exercise. 
  5. Is there a registration fee for Healthy Hikes?
    No. There is no registration fee to participate in Healthy Hikes. 
  6. What are Conservation Ontario’s social media accounts?
    Conservation Ontario has a number of social media accounts. Connect with us on:
    Facebook – Ontario’s Conservation Areas
    Facebook – Conservation Ontario
    Twitter – @conont
    Instagram – @con_ont
  7. Do I need a social media account to participate in Healthy Hikes?
    No. If you don’t have any social media accounts we still encourage you to participate in Healthy Hikes by stepping into nature at a Conservation Area. 
  8. Where can I get a Conservation Areas guidebook?
    Please contact Conservation Ontario or your local Conservation Authority for a Conservation Areas guidebook. You can also download if from the Ontario Conservation Areas website. 
  9. I would like to learn more about Conservation Areas?
    Please visit the Ontario Conservation Areas website to learn more about Ontario’s nearly 300 Conservation Areas and the many activities that you can participate in! 
  10. Can I enter Conservation Areas for free?
    Please review the Conservation Areas guidebook to learn about the Conservation Areas with free entrance. 
  11. I would like to learn more about Conservation Authorities?
    You can learn more about Ontario’s 36 Conservation Authorities by visiting their websites. 
  12. I have a question that wasn’t covered in the FAQ.
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