FDC “The Sprinter” Fundraiser

Canadian Olympic FDCs of McKenzie Sports Sculpture Found After 38 Years

On March 14, 1975, Canada Post issued $1 and $2 stamps for the XXI Olympiad at Montreal. Each stamp featured a sports sculpture by Dr. R. Tait McKenzie (1867-1938), a renowned Canadian. Perhaps unknown to anyone outside the community, a local First Day Cover (FDC) for the $1 stamp was created at Almonte, his hometown, by the R. Tait McKenzie Memorial Museum. The FDCs were discovered in September, 38 years later, and they’re now available to the international philatelic community.


The stamp, Scott 656, features Dr. McKenzie’s 1902 bronze sculpture The Sprinter. The black machine cancellation on each # 10 size FDC includes a round postmark, half positioned on the stamp, dated I PM I4 III 1975, identifying that the postal location was Almonte, Ontario, Canada. A killer of 6 wavey lines over the right 2/3 of the stamp continues on the back flap.


The printed cachet on the left 1/3 of the cover is a standing image of R. Tait McKenzie, in reddish-brown, dressed in traditional Scots costume. Centered on the back flap is a printed image of The Mill of Kintail, in the same colour, which was Dr. McKenzie’s summer home and sculpture studio. It now houses the R. Tait McKenzie Memorial Museum. Each FDC was addressed by typewriter to the R. Tait McKenzie Memorial Museum, c/o Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority, the Museum’s governing organization.

300 FDCs are for sale to SPI members worldwide as a special fundraising project of the Museum. All proceeds will be devoted to the care and exhibition of the R. Tait McKenzie collection. Thank you for your support.

Order e-mail to info, Community Relations Coordinator, Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority

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