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Docks May Require a Permit
Dock Diagram

Floating docks supported on legs/posts/pipes or cantilevered have the least impact on the environment. Crib style docks with open spans may be permitted if it can be demonstrated there is no impact to aquatic organisms.

Docks should be constructed a minimum of 6m away from property lines and not prevent neighbouring waterfront owners from accessing the water. They should be constructed from non-toxic materials and contain no vertical planking.

Structures to secure docks to the shore should be installed above the high water mark. Shoreline work requires some level of written project advice related to MVCA Regulation 153/06 and mitigation measures about erosion, drainage, habitat and construction etc.

MVCA Regulations apply to how/if the dock impacts the shoreline, flood plain, or provincially significant wetlands. Given this information MVCA provides clearance to construct docks as described.

Types of Docks (Illustrated to the right)

Type 1 Basic Consultation  (NO Fee)
Recommended— Floating post docks with less than or equal to 2m * of shoreline contact area and less than or equal to 15 sq. metres of surface decking generally do not require formal authorization and are discussed in pre-consultation with MVCA and typically authorized with the submission of  a sketch of the proposal. Contact MVCA to speak with our staff about your dock, call 613.253.0006 or email

Type 2 Minor Permit/ Letter of Advice ($110 Fee)

— The construction of all seasonal docks (floating, post, etc.) with an alteration to or occupation of shoreline less than or equal to 2m* in width and a total surface area greater than 15 sq. metres.

— All permanent docks (cribs, cantilever, etc.) with an alteration to, or occupation of shoreline less than or equal to 2m* in width, and a total; surface area of less than or equal to 15 sq. metres.

​​Type 3 Category 1 Permit ($250)

— All types of docks and decks resulting in a shoreline alteration of greater than 2m* wide and/or are permanent structures and total surface area is greater than 15 sq. metres.

Click Here to Complete an Application for Shoreline Work—Docks  

Other permits may be required under federal, provincial, or municipal legislation. Such as: 

Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) Fisheries Act

Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) Public Lands Act 

Transport Canada Navigable Water Protection Act

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