Canonto Lake

About Canonto Lake

Canonto Lake is located in the Township of North Frontenac. It has an elevation of 262 metres above sea level. The perimeter of the lake is 17.4 kilometres and the deepest point is 21.4 metres.

Once a cold water fishery, Canonto Lake currently supports a warm water fishery, in particular; Cisco (Lake Herring), Northern Pike, White Sucker, Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. A boat launch is available off Canonto Road at the conservation authority dam.

As of 1998, there were 6 permanent and 39 seasonal residents on the lake.


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Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and its partner, the Mississippi Valley Lake Stewardship Network, are taking action through Watershed Watch, a program designed to protect and enhance the environmental health of lakes within the watershed. The monitoring results are posted as State of the Lake Reports. Each lake in the program is sampled every five years.

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