Bob Kelly’s 2002 Paddle

Innisville via Lake Mississippi and River to the Ottawa River (completed in 2002)

As mentioned earlier in 2002 I kayaked from Innisville to the Ottawa river so, for the sake of those who might want to do the entire voyage I will share a brief summary of that sector.

Putting in at my son’s cottage on Mississippi Lake for an easy paddle down to the dam in Carleton Place to (P.23: 635m through the town) I lined most of it and paddled on to Arkland
Rapids Chute (P.24:250m South bank of Island, again I lined and walked back to the main stream.

Running Munroes Rapids was easy and I then had to portage at the Appleton Dam (P.25: 295m  South side –no problem). From there it was smooth paddling down a rather boring stretch to Almonte Generating Stn., (P.26: 560m South side—necessary) where I winched my kayak down the dam, scrambled down the rocks, was nearly caught when the dam was opened but was safely back in the river – not recommended.

The riffles at (P.27: 70m East side) were fun and so I lined the first sector before and under the bridge at Blakeney (P.30: 300m East side) then ran in as far as possible. I lined
under the bridge and climbed back in only to be dumped trying to maneouver a rather tight exit out of the rapids.

The scenery picked up as I neared Pakenham Bridge (P.30: 260m West side –necessary). I paddled in as far as I could then walked and lined the kayak through to open water on the
down side of the bridge. On down to Galetta (P.31: 100m West side easy portage). Then as I recall it got a bit confusing at (P.32: Mississippi Snye 2.1km) I only remember kayaking the
remainder with perhaps some small lining and/or portaging short sections out into the Ottawa River. It was then of course clear sailing down to the Brittannia Yacht Club.

I completed this trip in two days due to other demands on my time. Day One was Mississippi Lake to Appleton and Day Two was Appleton to the Ottawa River.


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