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Big Gull Lake is located in the Townships of Central and North Frontenac. It  has an elevation of 253 metres above sea level and has an area of 24.2 square kilometres. The lake perimeter is approximately 176 kilometres and the deepest point is 26 metres.

Big Gull Lake supports a warm water fishery, in particular; Lake Whitefish, Lake Herring, Walleye, Northern Pike, Smallmouth and Largemouth Bass.

Big Gull Lake Dam is a water control structure that is located at the outlet of Big Gull Lake. 

Natural Resources

Walleye are known to spawn throughout Big Gull Lake, especially in the north-eastern reaches of the lake near the outlet of Gull Creek.

The lake has limited preferred walleye spawning substrate (i.e., rocky/cobble shoals). Numerous enhancement projects have been undertaken in recent years by the local cottage associations to supplement the existing walleye spawning habitat. Lake levels are, therefore, maintained at levels above 253.10 m to cover and protect the shoals prior to walleye spawning in May.

Although Big Gull Lake formerly supported lake trout, this species has since been extirpated from the lake although the lake still supports coldwater species including lake herring, lake whitefish and burbot. Spawning sites of other species have not been assessed.

There are no known Species at Risk.

Land Use

There are approximately 485 properties on the lake (2014) and at least 5 resorts and other than property on islands, there are no boat access only dwellings on this lake.  The Hungry Lake Conservation Reserve is located on the southern shore and includes several large islands.

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Mississippi Valley Conservation Authority and its partner, the Mississippi Valley Lake Stewardship Network, are taking action through Watershed Watch, a program designed to protect and enhance the environmental health of lakes within the watershed. The monitoring results are posted as State of the Lake Reports. Each lake in the program is sampled every five years.

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