Advisory Committee Members – Watershed Plan

WANTED Advisory Committee Members

The MVCA is developing a Watershed Plan and you are invited to sit on the Public Advisory Committee (PAC). Apply now to have a seat at the table.

Purpose/Scope: The Watershed Advisory Committee will meet at least five times over the course of the project to review, comment, and advise on issues facing the watershed and how they could be addressed.
Membership: We are looking for representation from across the Mississippi River watershed and a cross section of landowners and businesses including:

• Ratepayers
• Land developers
• Resource conservation groups
• Recreation and tourism sector • Agricultural sector
• Aggregates sector
• Forestry sector
• Hydro power generators

Apply by Friday September 6, 2019 to Applicants are asked to provide a brief submission describing their experience and ability to offer perspectives related to one or more of the interest listed above, and their experience and affiliation with other groups or committees.

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