Plant Your Land

Wetland Summer

There’s a Secret To Enjoying Your Land For Years To Come

Keeping your land healthy creates a domino effect, providing the entire watershed community with cleaner water, fresher air, and healthier ecosystems. Inspired by Joe Purdon, MVCA’s stewardship programs, such as Plant Your Land, give you the information, planting tools and manual labour to protect and restore your property’s natural ecosystems.

Want To Make Property Changes to Improve Local Water Systems & Wildlife, But Don’t Have The Time or Resources?

—Get Free Advice. Call 613.253.0006 ext. 228 or email to book an appointment with the Landowner Advisory Centre. Ask for a site visit to help create a strategy for woodlot management advice, or information about planting appropriate trees and shrubs that’ll give your land greater natural protection against forces like wind and rain. Or, understand the emerald ash borer and what its invasion means to you.

Restore your shoreline’s biodiversity. The free Shoreline Planting Program will help prevent soil erosion, improve lake water quality, and create a rich wildlife habitat to enjoy.

Most of the materials, labour, and planning costs for Plant Your Land are funded by generous donations through MVCF.

Contact us for volunteer opportunities to support the conservation of the Mississippi Valley watershed. Domain For Sale For Sale




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